Uncle Ciggies Miniature Wicker and Baskets
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 IGMA Artisan 2014
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  Dollhouse Miniature Wicker Furniture,

Dollhouse Wicker Baskets, and Lamps

Uncle Ciggie's Miniatures Dollhouse Miniature Wicker Furniture and Dollhouse Wicker Baskets are meticulously handcrafted in One Inch and Half Inch Scale for miniature collectors and dollhouse miniature enthusiasts. Uncle Ciggie's Miniatures brings the feeling of comfort inside and outside of your dollhouse with wicker furnishings for every room.  Let your imagination take its course with Uncle Ciggie's unique wicker designs. Uncle Ciggie's specialty is dollhouse miniature wicker furniture, wicker baskets, wicker plant stands, and dollhouse miniature lamps for your porch, gazebo, yard, patio, room box and also inside your dollhouse.

Each of these wicker dollhouse pieces are meticulously handcrafted. Some pieces are Victorian reproductions, styled from different periods or created from ideas. In the workshop, ideas are designed, developed and adapted to scale.  Sorry, special orders are no longer being accepted.  The website has all products that are ready to ship.

I will continually be expanding the line, so please check back often to Uncle Ciggie's Miniatures website for exciting new products, including a special section for half inch scale. Thank you and enjoy your visit!

Miniatures are the best hobby!