Uncle Ciggies Miniature Wicker and Baskets
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Meet Vicky

My interest in dollhouse miniatures all started in 1985, when my daughter was born and I stopped at a garage sale and bought two House of Miniature Kits for $1.00. Boy, that was a great deal! I went home and started putting them together right away. This is when all the obsession and craziness began. Over the years, my talents in dollhouse miniatures has evolved from life experiences. Taking all my knowledge from refinishing antiques, upholstering, quilting, sewing, painting, wallpapering, and doing numerous other crafts, and applying everything to miniatures. In the real world, I worked in the Interior Design Industry for over 17 years. This is my dollhouse in the background unfinished, of course. I will need to be budgeting my time for this. I also have several room boxes, Brooke Tucker, Two Guys from Texas, Red Hat Room, Christmas Box, Peacock Box and Paris Patio Box.

With the support from my family (with a little bit of teasing) and miniature friends, when the opportunity came my way, I purchased Uncle Ciggie's Miniatures in 2009.  This is a very exciting time. How fortunate to wake up every morning and do what you love. I will continue contributing to the miniature world with some fresh new designs in wicker, miniature punchneedle rugs and lamps. Stop in often, there will be new products added. Don't let me forget about Molly, who insisted on being in this picture. She is absolutely the most beautiful toy poodle on this earth!

Vicky Sanfield